Audition submissions

Philadelphia Girls Choir is no longer accepting video audition submissions!

You may proceed directly to an audition at the choir facility – click here for information.

Audition Example songs

Listen to the song America, the Beautiful. Below is a recording and a copy of the music.

America, the Beautiful – sheet music

Listen to the song Kitty Alone. Below is a recording and a copy of the music.

Kitty Alone – sheet music

Practice singing the song in the same key as the music we have provided. America, the Beautiful is in C Major – starting note is G. Kitty Alone is in E Major – starting note is E. If you are not used to singing the song in that range of your voice, listen to the recording and sing along with it several times, until you are comfortable with it.

Then Practice with not music. The starting notes are below

America, the Beautiful starting note:

Kitty Alone starting note:

Holiday Concert at Temple University

Holiday Concert at Temple University

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