Keep singing!

During the pandemic, our singers are stayed active by participating in weekly Zoom sessions where they connected with each other and improved their musical abilities. The youngest in the training program continued to learn music theory, vocal technique, and sight-reading; the older choristers learned new songs and created “virtual choir” videos.

Click here to see selections from our virtual winter concert this year

Click here to see a little of our virtual rehearsal sessions

Click here to see a clip of PGC’s first “virtual choir” video last year

All singers connected via computer, tablet or phone with internet connection. Anyone who does not have internet connection can contact us for information.

What our singers are saying about PGC virtual rehearsals

“We are all a group, we can get through any situation together. We are all-stars, we got this. Even during this COVID-19 crisis, when everything is shut down, we’re still finding a way to get through it.”
Rosemarie, age 8

“Virtual rehearsals are helpful…keeping the choir together because this way, we can still…practice and learn music together. We are still using our voices a lot to create new, virtual choir “performances”. I also like how we can see each other too, which makes me miss choir a little less!
Noelle, age 13

“I have created such an amazing bond with the group of girls, and it is amazing to know that the choir is always there. It is nice to know that we are all there for the same reason – to learn and to love music.”
Katie, age 16

Moving forward through the pandemic

After our summer break, the new season will begin in September. (Click here to view the rehearsal schedule).

At that point, we anticipate that rehearsals will resume at the choir building and all safety measures will be taken to ensure the health of our singers and their families. Our facility is conveniently located in Center City Philadelphia, just north of City Hall at 1336 Spring Garden Street. Bus stops, subway stops and parking are all located nearby.