Auditions at Merion Elementary School


Thursday, April 25, 2024

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How does the audition work?

Auditions will be held at Merion Elementary School (549 S. Bowman Avenue, Merion Station, PA 19066) on Thursday, April 25th, 3:45pm-5:00pm. Auditions are for students in grades 1-5. Singers will be heard on a first-come, first-served basis and are welcome to leave after their audition or stay to support the other students auditioning.

The Music Director auditions each singer individually, usually for a few minutes per singer. Prepared music is not required for auditions, though we usually like to hear each student sing a short song to give them a chance to shine. The rest of the time will be spent with simple vocal exercises taught during the session.

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Within two weeks of the audition, families will be notified by e-mail whether or not their child has been called for a final audition in Center City. Our headquarters are located on the northern Avenue of the Arts corridor (Broad & Spring Garden), and house our rehearsal spaces, voice studios, small performance spaces and administrative offices. The location is highly visible and easily accessible by car and public transportation as well as placing the Choirs in close proximity to Center City. There is a fee for singers who enter the program, and financial aid is available to everyone who qualifies.

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To sign-up for an audition, click here.

The Choir

Philadelphia Girls Choir is a fun and educational choral experience for young singers in the Greater Philadelphia Area. PGC provides a comprehensive music education based upon the renowned Kodály Method. Nathan Wadley, music director of Philadelphia Girls Choir, teaches through the study of folk music and classical works. Divided into four distinct groups, Philadelphia Girls Choir provides the best fit for anyone who participates.


Our training group, Motif, works on the fundamentals of reading music and vocal technique. They have an annual recital in January, then join the rest of the choirs in the Spring Concert.


Our youngest performing group, Etude, studies the basics of music theory and performance. They also have a musical theme to guide them throughout the year.


Our intermediate group, Cantata, continues their musical development with more challenging repertoire. Vocal technique is more important for members of this group. Through local concerts and appearances, Cantata members develop confidence and learn what it means to be a performer.


Our most experienced group, Concerto, is the premier performing ensemble of the Philadelphia Girls Choir. Rehearsals offer increasingly difficult and exciting repertoire. The singers work on musicianship exercises that are designed to fine tune both the ear and the voice.